Embrace Sustainable Farming
Enrich Ecological Balance
Empower Farmer Communities
Embrace Sustainable Farming
Enrich Ecological Balance
Empower Farmer Communities

About us

Towards a more sustainable world

Villoth Coffee Farmers Producer Company (VCFPC) is a Cooperative Society with 500+ small farmers exclusively for coffee in the Wayanad region.

This co-operative is formulated and registered under Government of India complying Companies Act, 2013 and incorporated as a company (CIN U01113KL2019PTC059219). It is established with a focused objective to develop and retain the indigenous farmer community and help to enhance farmers competitiveness to build their capacity to collectively leverage their production and marketing strength.

Our goal is to concentrate on achieving ecological sustainability in food production through nature friendly farming techniques.

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Ethical Process

During the growth and processing of coffee, our farmers are not exploited and a fair price for their harvest is paid to each farmer.

Better working conditions

We support the development of thriving farming and farmer communities and protect the environment in which they live and work.

Stable livelihoods

We ensure the gross income received by our farmers from the cultivation of coffee is high for the support of their households.

Environmentally sustainable

No kind of chemical fertilizers are used for coffee planting, only cow dung and compost are used for healthy growth.

Our Coffee

Wayanad sells nearly 55-65 MT coffee annually. Our farmers Co-operatives produce 5000 MT raw coffee. All our farmers are FairTrade certified with The FLO ID: 42201. 98% of our plantations topography are hilly sloppy. Our coffee grows under shade.


Timely rainfall with adequate intensity raises the yield of the Robusta variety. It contains more caffeine. It has intensive earthy flavor with a peanutty aftertaste.


We grow different varieties of Arabica coffee such as Sln.795, Sln.9, Kents, Cauvery. It has a slightly sweet flavor, with hints of chocolate, nuts and caramel.


Our Commitment to quality

We dream for the land where
sustainable farming is prospective, rewarding and gratification for every farmer.